پخش زنده جام جهانی


Love is like
missed call

it stops when you try to catch

But friendship is like
because it comes & stays inside your inbox until you delete it

Some things are left undone, some words are left unsaid, some feelings are left unexpressed, but someone as sweet as you could never be left unmissed

In my life I learned how to love, to smile, to be happy, to be strong

to work hard, to be honest, to be faithful, to forgive. But I couldn’t learn how to forget you

If you do not know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere

A simple BYE makes us cry, a simple JOKE makes us laugh, simple CARE makes us fall in love. I hope my simple SMS make you think of me

Knowing a person like you, has made me happy in a million ways and if ever I have to let you go… I would find a million reasons to make you stay

If at any time your life is like a “candle in the wind” then I’ll put my hands around u so that all burns are mine and all light is yours


Birth is like a DOT
Life is like a LINE
Love is like a TRIANGAL
But Friendship is like a CIRCLE
because CIRCLE doesn’t have an END

STARS you don’t see them all the time BUT you Know They Are There

People say friends are made in heaven and they come in your life

But I made a friend like you in this world and made my life a heaven

Life is like piano… white keys represent happiness, black keys
for sorrow but only when you go through the white & black keys u hear

Night is a wonderful opportunity
to take rest 
to forgive 
to dream 
to smile and
to get ready for all the battle
that you have to fight tomorrow

Since your eyes are looking tired…
Let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours
Happy journey into the world of dreams 

Between two evils   choose neither

Between two goods   choose both

The shortest way to do many thing is to do a single thing at a time

Think you are well   and all that is well with you

And nature will read your thoughts and make them true

Be true to yourself and others  Do not try to

Appear better or greater than what you are

Troubles which are tackled instead of being talked about 

Disappear like mist before the morning sun

Undertake not what you cannot perform but be careful to keep your promise

Forget injuries   but never forget kindness

Learn something new each day-keep your eyes 

ears and most of all your mind open

Pray as if everything depended work

As if everything depended on you

In success and failure   in sunshine and rain   

In prosperity and adversity be at peace

With the world and with yourself

The way you manage your time determines

your success or failure as a man

Honour the chief  There must be a head of everything

Be glad and rejoice in the other fellow’s success  Study his methods

Do not attempt to do a thing unless you are sure of yourself;

but don’t relinquish it simply because someone else is not sure of you

Do not express dislike for a person

when (s)he is not present to offer a defence

Prayer is the first duty in life; And to plead

lack of time for it is an insult to GOD

Who agree like bell; they want nothing but hanging

Anger is a short madness  

Don’t allow it to ruin longstanding reactions

Nothing is bad but it might have been worse

Loyalty to friends and loyalty to certain basic

principles are essential to success in any sphere

Instead of feeling inferior because someone else can do

something you cannot do   concentrate on

what you can do that others cannot

To be angry is to revenge the fault of others on us

As heat conserved is transmitted into energy   

so can anger controlled can be transmitted into a power

which can move the world


نوشته شده در تاریخ چهارشنبه 31 خرداد‌ماه سال 1391 توسط Hadi Ranjbari
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